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Wayne Township

First WorldConnX tower at Titusville Opportunity Park

WorldConnX Dialup Access
Fast     *     Safe     *     Affordable
Serving all local exchanges in the Titusville and Corry area.

WorldConnX is dedicated to providing its customers with the best dial up Internet service in the area. We are continually adding and upgrading our services to stay consistent with industry advancements and changing customer desires.

With WorldConnX Dialup Internet Access you receive:

  • NO Busy Signals - WorldConnX continually upgrades so that you never receive busy signals. When you have the time, we have the connection.

  • Easy Setup and Software - When you sign up with WorldConnX you receive a setup disc with all the software and information you need. Set up is made simple with easy to follow instruction and you have the disc to reinstall if you get a new computer.

  • Global Access E-mail - Not only do you receive a free email account, but you also can access it in Webmail. This means you can access your email from any computer by logging on the WorldConnX web site. You can also check your appointments in your Web Calendar from any computer. Never again miss an important email or appointment simply because you're away from your own computer.

  • Virus Protection - WorldConnX traps harmful email viruses before they get to your computer. We are constantly monitoring for new viruses and include them in our detection software. We trap over 1000 viruses a day. These are troublesome viruses YOU don't get!

  • Spam Protection - WorldConnX continually monitors for unwanted spam messages and traps them so they don't clog your email box. These include such things as unsolicited advertisements and objectionable material. Who decides what’s objectionable? You do. By setting your spam filters to your own comfort levels, you insure that your email won’t hold nasty surprises.

  • Instant Messaging - WorldConnX supports the majority of the instant messaging and chat programs available.

  • Internet Tech Support - There is always a friendly, knowledgeable person available at WorldConnX to help you if a problem with your Internet connection should arise.

  • Personal storage space - WorldConnX gives customers 10mb email storage space and 30mb storage space to develop their own web page.

  • Affordable Membership Plans: - as low as $10 a month


- $17.00


- $45.00

($15 per month)

Six Months

- $78.00

($13 per month)


- $120.00

($10 per month)

Sign up with WorldConnX and make your time on the Internet more enjoyable.

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