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Fox Insurance Agency

First WorldConnX tower at Titusville Opportunity Park

WorldConnX High Speed Wireless


  • The first local Internet Provider to deploy wireless Internet access in the area.
  • Continues to be the first to initiate new state-of-the-art equipment with cutting edge technology to keep our customers globally competitive.
  • Use the best equipment available
  • Infrastructure designed by one of the top national wireless engineers.
Our goal is to provide the best service possible to our local customers at an affordable rate.

Why should you go with WorldConnX Wireless Internet Access?

Will Connect up to 15 times faster than dial up - WorldConnX Wireless Internet uses towers located at strategic points within the area to send out radio signals to the end user's equipment, which consists of a radio and an antenna. There are no phone lines involved to slow down the connection because of static interference or antiquated lines. The broadband plan you choose will determine the speed of your connection both ways, download and upload. With DSL or cable, you may get one download speed but a lesser upload speed. For example, with a 768k cable or DSL connection you may get up to 768k download, but are usually limited to approximately 64k or 128k upload. With WorldConnX Wireless you will receive 768k download and upload. Cable is also a shared connection and the speed depends on how many of your neighbors are on and what they are downloading, and is consistently slowed as more customers are connected. With WorldConnX Wireless, the speed you have chosen in your plan is always available to you. DSL is limited to three miles from the local switch; our equipment has the capability of sending signal up to 40 miles. However, in our beautiful Pennsylvania hilly tree-plentiful terrain, we have only succeeded in reaching approximately 11 miles. (Note: we are not complaining about PA beauty, we love it here!)

Are Always On - Your WorldConnX Wireless is automatically connected to the Internet whenever you turn on your computer; twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. No more waiting to dial a connection. Simply click your email icon and it is open or click on your browser and you're on the web. While you're on the web, you can access you Web Mail and Calendar. If you're not at your own computer, you can check your email or your appointments on your calendar by simply going to WorldConnX's web site and logging in to your Web Mail.

Can Download large files fast - A normal dial up connection with a 56K modem, working properly, on a noise free phone line will download at a rate of approximately 5kbps, with 384k wireless, connecting rate would be approximately 80 kbps. In less technical terms, it means if it took you seven minutes to download a picture with a dial up connection, it will take approximately seven seconds to download the same picture with a wireless connection. In addition, the connection with a modem is limited to a maximum of 56k, but a wireless radio can be set anywhere from 128k to 45mbs.

Spam and Virus Protection - WorldConnX is the only provider that truly filters out email viruses. Our customers have not received viruses through our email service in over six years since we began our virus protection filtering. Spam filtering is set at the default of very low, meaning you will receive a very low amount of spam. You will have the option of resetting your filter control anywhere from receiving all spam sent, to only receiving email from the addresses in your web mail contacts folder.

Choose your speed - WorldConnX offers plans, ranging from 256k to 20MB. By offering such a wide range of speeds, we are able to meet all our customers' needs. If you download a lot of large pictures or small forms, the lesser bandwidth would be sufficient, if you download or send large image files like engineering or architectural drawings, the higher bandwidth would be needed. During our set up process we can help you determine the bandwidth that would be best for your needs.

Choose your membership plan - Check out our pricing and you will find that if you need more speed than a dial up connection and currently have a separate phone line just for your Internet access, your monthly fee won't be that much more than you are already paying. The small additional cost is well worth the time and frustration you will save by having a much faster Internet connection.

Call 814-664-7805 in Corry or 814-827-6761 in Titusville for more information.

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